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[[All speaking characters are speaking off-panel throughout this page. Shown in the nine panels: Ottar, still paralysed and unconscious, is approached by a female, elvish, person.]] / Atra: Jake! How did you know that cutting down that tree would have that effect?
Jake: I didn't! I was hoping to distract her while you did the real fighting, with, you know, magic or something. Besides, that tree was giving me the willies.
Atra: Jake! Wow! Twenty-eight words in a row! I'm impressed!
Norla: Things! You think the old ways are so great, but here you are hooked on props! The bone, the book, swords and that tree! You people depend on things! Is that fae?
Norla: No you don't! You're staying right here while I beat you senseless! / Jake: Is Norla allright over there?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on April 2, 2004.