Spun Off now live
by Reinder Dijkhuis
For those of you who would like to see some more recent work from me (ROCR is currently running comics from the early 1990s on this site), I have a new webcomic called Spun Off up on TheComicseries. Read the adventures of naked faeries whose tongues are NOT, I repeat NOT, served up in aspic whenever the Green Knight is throwing a banquet.
Vote on Top Web Comics (May 2012)!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
It's that time of the month again! Vote on Top Web Comics to help get ROCR into the top 100 of that fine, fine ranking of webcomics, which gives me... oh, a dozen links each month. Last time, we got the comic to # 67 at the time I got out of bed to check, so that's the number to beat.

As a vote incentive, you will get to see, at the end of the process, a page in progress that I finally went to work on today, after leaving it in my drawer for a year. It's a page that's intended to be inserted into the storyline The Rite of Serfdom to make one scene transition a little bit smoother. As such, it's set well after the events in the storyline you're seeing right here, right now.

In fact, I had redrawn that entire sequence already, in 2011. That was a slow, slow process, and by the time I finally got around to drawing that extra page, I got frustrated and gave up. Now that I've found a new location that I can withdraw to in order to work on my comics and other art without interruption, I've finally picked it up again. And while the page is still in a very early stage, it is moving forward again, at last.
Comment moderation
by Reinder Dijkhuis
When I set up this website, I chose to make comments moderated, because based on my experience, everything that isn't moderated will quickly be flooded with spam. So far, though, I'm not seeing any spam in the moderation queue, and moderation seems to be slowing down the conversation, such as it is. So I'm turning comment moderation off for the moment.
Uploaded through April!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Comics are now uploaded through April 30, covering most of the first storyline, The Green Knight's Belt. I even added basic transcript information to the latest batch, though I didn't go as far as to include full transcripts. Unless I made a big mistake, daily updates are guaranteed for the rest of the month, and I won't have to look at the upload interface again until the 30th, when it will be time to upload the comics for May, as well as the first real episodes of my new comic, Spun Off.

Under every comic in this storyline, I add some info on when it was originally created (in 1991 or 1992), and when it was first published online in English (in late 2005) with a link to the comic's appearance on the main site. I hope it's not too annoying; I am convinced that those early comics need to have that bit of context, because I'm more than twice as old now as when I made them, and they truely are the product of a different era. I add the link as evidence, but also to pay myself back for the effort in uploading the comic. The main site is still where all the comics are, where people can read them all RIGHT NOW if they want, and where I earn a little bit of money from advertising. I'm hoping that as the archive here grows, its audience and its share in the ad revenue will grow, but for now, the main site is where the action is.

I was surprised this week when Pewfell announced that it would go to a 3-a-weak schedule over concerns that a large archive would quickly become too intimidating. I agree that they can be, but that doesn't really come into play until after the first 700 or so updates. In ROCR's case, that's also roughly where the art starts to become acceptable, and also I've always depended on my readerships being the kind of people who like to archive-dive, so for me, I can't wait to get to that point. I can always slow down later. Much later.
Vote on Top Web Comics!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
It's April 1 and ComicFury is having its big April Fools joke. The only joke I could think of this year was "Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will resume new updates on its main site, every day until the current storyline is finished", and I don't think that would have been very funny.

However, April 1 is also the first of a new month. I've put up a new voter incentive image on the Top Web Comics website and would like to invite all of you reading this to drop your vote today and tomorrow, when your vote makes the most difference. As I speak, ROCR has gone from 380 to 68, though it will probably drop fast again as the day progresses. But don't let that discourage you: vote once today and once tomorrow to give ROCR that little bit of extra exposure that it needs!