ROCR facebook page
by Reinder Dijkhuis
If you want to keep up with the latest on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, why not join its Facebook page? It's not listed on these pages, but it's been around for a while. I mainly use it to post updates for the giant remaster project that I've been working on for the past two or so years, and now that that's approaching completion*), chances are that I will start gearing up to post new updates again. If you want to hear about those, join the page!

There is also a Twitter feed for ROCR, which is also used to announce remastered and new updates.

*) For a certain value of completion. The Rite of Serfdom is nearly done, and that's a massive undertaking. There's always more work to be done, though.
X!Gloop Lives!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
My third webcomic on ComicFury, The Lives of X!Gloop, started today. This is an old one that I started drawing in the late 1980s, but crude as it is, I'm still very fond of it. It's ....hard to describe, but there's an About page that tries.
Spun Off now live
by Reinder Dijkhuis
For those of you who would like to see some more recent work from me (ROCR is currently running comics from the early 1990s on this site), I have a new webcomic called Spun Off up on TheComicseries. Read the adventures of naked faeries whose tongues are NOT, I repeat NOT, served up in aspic whenever the Green Knight is throwing a banquet.
Vote on Top Web Comics (May 2012)!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
It's that time of the month again! Vote on Top Web Comics to help get ROCR into the top 100 of that fine, fine ranking of webcomics, which gives me... oh, a dozen links each month. Last time, we got the comic to # 67 at the time I got out of bed to check, so that's the number to beat.

As a vote incentive, you will get to see, at the end of the process, a page in progress that I finally went to work on today, after leaving it in my drawer for a year. It's a page that's intended to be inserted into the storyline The Rite of Serfdom to make one scene transition a little bit smoother. As such, it's set well after the events in the storyline you're seeing right here, right now.

In fact, I had redrawn that entire sequence already, in 2011. That was a slow, slow process, and by the time I finally got around to drawing that extra page, I got frustrated and gave up. Now that I've found a new location that I can withdraw to in order to work on my comics and other art without interruption, I've finally picked it up again. And while the page is still in a very early stage, it is moving forward again, at last.
Comment moderation
by Reinder Dijkhuis
When I set up this website, I chose to make comments moderated, because based on my experience, everything that isn't moderated will quickly be flooded with spam. So far, though, I'm not seeing any spam in the moderation queue, and moderation seems to be slowing down the conversation, such as it is. So I'm turning comment moderation off for the moment.