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A pleasant conversation

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A pleasant conversation
Daoibleagh: High elven, your ladyship? You work here? / Green Faerie: Yeah, I'm a secretary to Lord Univac. Mmm yummy.
[[Daoibleagh proffers his tray.]] / Daoibleagh: Another one? / Green Faerie: Yes please. I did my Rite of Serfdom with him, and now I do the same work with pay and a uniform.
Daoibleagh: And you eat their food. / Green Faerie: I love it!You'd make a killing with this stuff, I tell you. I'll take one home for my boss...
Green Faerie: Word to the wise, though. Stay away from that house. Its owner, Lord Vax, always sets his dogs on Faeries. Even I am not allowed past the Gate...
[[Inside Lord Vax's house. Abúi stands with her back to the reader, in front of Lord Vax.]] / Abúi: So... we think we've found a lead that might help us find your daughter... / Vax: Good...good.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on November 26, 2003.