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A sweaty moment!

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A sweaty moment!
Vax: ... I've had a few glances at pages from the book, and it's absolutely visionary.
Vax: If we listened to her, we whouldn't have gnomes, humans and -Ancestor forbid- faeries overrunning our cities.
Vax: And agents from the Office of Rites wouldn't have to dress in those silly lower-elven battle outfits!
Vax: You look like a faerie in that getup! It's indignified for our law enforcement to look like they're fresh out of the forest. Good speed to you!
[[P'séaigg awaits Abúi behind a drain.]] / P'séaigg: And?
[[Abúi shrinks to faerie size.]] / Abúi: Charming! Just... charming. / P'séaigg: Did you get anything out of him?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on December 1, 2003.