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Party at the Lutinses

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Party at the Lutinses
[[At the lutin village. Jodoque and Eniac feast with the lutins.]] / Jodoque: So far so good. No orgy. I really wouldn't be in the mood for an orgy. / Eniac: The meat is good too, and best of all we're not it. / Jodoque: I wish they had some bread or fruit to go with it though.
Eniac: They live for the hunt. All able-bodied adults take part. They don't do a lot of gathering or farming.
[[Jodoque pics some meat from a plate proffered by a lutin girl.]] / Jodoque: So this is a big honour? For them to share the spoils with us? Thank you!
[[A lutin male clears his throat behind Eniac. He is the spokeslutin.]] / Eniac: I'm still wondering about that myself. What did we do? / Spokeslutin: Ahem.
Spokeslutin: I apologise for the long wait, but now the occasion I will relate.
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Originally published on December 3, 2003.