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The eyeballs of the beheld

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The eyeballs of the beheld
Spokeslutin: 'tis not for laughs we honour you so, but as thanks for tracking down our foe. We may be doughty at the hunt, but you pulled off the biggest stunt...
[[The spokeslutin speaks off-panel. Jodoque and Eniac eye one another.]] / Spokeslutin: Had you not the dhouards located, we could not have exterminated! ...And so the time's come to reveal...
[[The spokeslutin speaks off-panel. A team of lutins carries a giant bowl and another team, off-panel, operates the crane used to lift the lid off it to reveal the cooked carcases of the two dhouards.]] / Spokeslutin: ...The main course of our festive meal!
[[The spokeslutin presents a lutin girl carrying two objects wrapped in cloth.]] / Spokeslutin: And ... and as the ones who guided us through...
[[The spokeslutin speaks off-panel. The girl proffers two eyeballs to Jodoque, who is horrified.]] / Spokeslutin: ...the finest bits will be for you!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on December 5, 2003.