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Faerie wiretap

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Faerie wiretap
Maghreid:... But she's right about one thing. We faeries don't use our magic enough.
Maghreid: We even use crystal balls! A human invention... crude but convenient. Even a gnome can learn to use them.
/ Maghreid: As I speak, our friend Vax is talking to his friend on a ball. You know the location of that ball, don't you miss radical-weapons-expert-detective?
Maghreid: Home in... what is he saying?
Abúi: Yes, I can hear him! He's saying... / / Abúi: iA/Aw2Ax8sj6b+Eua Agi2cd7aOfIaVCJ96 un+/iGc8Anj
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on December 15, 2003.