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[[Atra is speaking off-panel.]] / Atra: Is that bird yours, Norla?
[[Ottar, Arthur and Atra are talking off-panel over a flashback.]] / Ottar: 'Tis a comrade of hers, aye. / Atra: I don't care much for crows. Did it follow us here? / Arthur: Uhmm...I just figured you'd be headed this way and thought it'd be fun to show up here. / Atra: Hmm... You're not enchanted, are you? / Arthur: Gods, no! What makes you think that? / Atra: Never mind. Do you have a name? / Arthur: ...Do I need one? / Atra: I'm not going to address you as "bird". Think of something.
[[Meanwhile, Norla remembers a day long ago. She is modeling for the painter Brakeburn, who has just given her a prop.]] / Brakeburn: Hold this. / Norla: A bundle of twigs?
Brakeburn: It's a symbol of unity. The steering committee asked for a few studies of you brandishing it.
[[Brakeburn is speaking off-panel. Norla glances at P'séaigg.]] / Brakeburn: I don't think it'll make it into the finished work, but what the hell... you have to know how to work those patrons...Now sit down...
[[Brakeburn is speaking off-panel. Norla strikes a pose.]] / Strike a- yeah, that'll do.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 9, 2004.