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Nothing clings like the past

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Nothing clings like the past
[[Both the flashback and the off-panel conversation between Atra, Jake and Arthur continue.]] / Arthur: Can I be named after something I like? Like "shiny"? / Atra: Hmm... Sounds like a pet's name. / Raven: Okay. Something else then.
[[Norla's reminiscent reverie. Kangra and a lieutenant enter.]] / Kangra: Morning, Norla, P'séaigg. / P'séaigg: Hi.
Kangra: The latest draft! I've also seen plans for the House... It's huge!
P'séaigg: Looks nice and official... but this political stuff is more Norla's forte. / Norla: Do you think she'll ... run?
P'séaigg: She might... but that religion of hers could cost her votes... and she's a bit young to be in the House. / Kangra: Oh well, she'll be on its roof anyway.
[[Meanwhile, the naming discussion continues]] / Jake: ...And that reminds me of my cousin Arthur. Uhm... his Gnomian birth name was "Ärh'pthr". / Raven: "Arthur" it is then....
[[Arthur the Raven pulls Norla out of her reverie.]] / Arthur: I said '"Arthur" it is then'. Shall we go?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originaly published on January 12, 2004.