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Everybody do the st. Vitus dance

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Everybody do the st. Vitus dance
Abúi: Grm.
Abúi: That round-ear- / P'séaigg: Abúi! / Abúi: -would look better after dancing like a maniac for a century or so. / P'séaigg: Abúi! / / Bonfire: You've got the dragon powder? / P'séaigg: Yes. / Bonfire: This way. / / [[The faeries meet up with the sick Kel. Isolde is with her.]] / Isolde: At last!
[[Abúi is putting some of the dragon powder in Kel's eye.]] / Isolde: I couldn't believe the pettyness of the physicians in this place! / P'séaigg: Wait until you hear what delayed us!
[[Abúi is speaking to Kel. P'séaigg is hailed telepathically by Maghreid.]] / P'séigg: Isolde, there's a reason for this obstruction by the staff here. It's- / Abúi: Better? / Maghreid's disembodied telepathic voice: P'séaigg?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 16, 2004.