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Always keep a diamond in your head

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Always keep a diamond in your head
P'séaigg: Wait. / Maghreid's disembodied telepathic voice: P'séaigg! / P'séaigg [[thought]]: Ye-es? / / P'séaigg [[thought]]: This hurts my head. / Telepathic voice of Maghreid: Sorry.
[[A vision of Maghreid appears in front of P'séaigg.]] / Telepathic voice of Maghreid: Sorry to interrupt like this. Jodoque has returned. / / P'séiagg [[thought]]: Did he bring the Green Knight? / Telepathic voice of Maghreid: Yes...in a way. / Abúi: Can you see normally? / Kel: Yes...
Telepathic voice of Maghreid: He's in my office now. Come as soon as you can. / P'séaigg [[thought]]: No! I can't leave Abúi alone here! / Kel: Is that my mother talking to P'séaigg? / Abúi: What? Where?
[[The vision, and Maghreid's telepathic voice, fade.]] / P'séaigg [[thought]]: She'd only get in trouble. / Telepathic voice of Maghreid: Never mind! This is-
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 19, 2004.