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[[All members of the party are plunged into reveries about their pasts.]] / [[Kangra, Norla and P'Séaigg at a café. All are dressed in the uniform of the Elven Underground.]] / Kangra: You're not running? / Norla: Nope! Once the constitution is ratified I'm putting away my uniform. I plan to devote / myself to God's work from now on. / P'Séaigg: Haha! You sound like you're the prophet Mu'hairmid when you say that!
[[Arthur and an older raven are spying out a watch house in the forest.]] / Elder Raven: Again, fledgling! How many men went in? / Arthur: Uh... many.
[[Atra looks back startled as one of her daughters is caught in an explosion in her cauldron.]] / <<Floof!>>
/ [[The faeries at the café.]] / Norla: ...unified the Faerie tribes from Wodeskog to the Fire Plains! What's wrong with wanting to take that work to the next level? / P'Séigg: The Republic will do fine without any of that stuff.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 26, 2004.