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City pillocks and skinny purple elf things

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City pillocks and skinny purple elf things
[[In Atra's flashback, Wythllew emerges from the cauldron. She's in a bad shape: her wings are tattered and patches of peach skin can be seen through her purple skin.]]
[[In Ottar's flashback, Ottar and Abúi are at play. They are in a tree branch looking down at Abúi's mother in conversation with Vax.]] / Ottar: Yon city pillock talks just like thy mama! / Abúi: I can make him sprout wings with that powder I stole. / Ottar: Yay! Have at him!
[[Atra's flashback. Wythllew smiles faintly.]]
[[In Jake's flashback, Jake is getting a talking-to from his father.]] / Father: Fine! Go live among the monkeys if you must! But you'll be back with your beard in a know, mark my words!
[[Atra's flashback.]] / Wythllew: I have come my birthright for to claim.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 28, 2004.