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If you went into the woods in 980

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If you went into the woods in 980
[[Atra's flashback. Atra pushes one of her children out of the way as Wythllew looks on smugly.]] / Atra: Shoo!
Atra: What birthright? I took nothing from you!
[[Wythllew performs some magic on Atra, who loses consciousness.]] / Wythllew: Thou need'st not for to wot.
[[Ottar's flashback. Ottar and Abúi are getting a stern talking-to from Abúi's mother.]] / Mother: I'll forgive you monkeys this time.
Mother: It's not like "Loohhd Vex" didn't deserve it for asking about the Wythllewe Boke...
[[Abúi's mother is speaking off-panel.]] / Mother: ... But if I catch either of you at my stash again, you'll wish you were born without buttocks! Is that clear? / Abúi: Yes, Mum! / Ottar: Aye, Ma'am!
[[Atra's flashback. Atra lies unconscious in front of Wythllew.]] / Wythllew: Thou need'st wot not a thing, ever.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on January 30, 2004.