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A witch's cackle

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A witch's cackle
[[Ottar's flashback. Ottar and Abúi are running along a tree branch. Abúi is holding a book in her arms - the Wythllewe Boke.]]
[[Arthur's flashback. Arthur is talking to the older raven.]] / Arthur: We need more numbers!
Elder Raven: More numbers? / Arthur: Yeah. If we had a number meaning "Many-and-one", we could count to Many-and-one. Maybe even beyond!
[[Jake's flashback. Jake is drinking ale with Tamlin.]] / Tamlin: Whoa there buddy! You're going fast tonight. / Jake: It's that tree, Tamlin. It gives me the willies.
[[Arthur's flashback. The Elder Raven's dialogue is half-hidden. The ravens are positioned on a tree branch so it looks like they're on the same branch as Ottar and Abúi in their flashback, and Arthur appears to be looking down at Norla in her flashback.]] / Elder raven: Fledg/there's no/left for/teach you, save this: never let on that you're smart/than a mon- / [[Ottar's flashback. Ottar and Abúi are reading the book.]] / [[Norla's flasback. Norla is reading a book. P'Séaigg is talking to her.]] / P'Séaigg: Are you ever going to tear yourself away from those books? / [[The flashbacks are interrupted by Atra's cackling loudly in the present time.]] / Atra: Haaa-ha ha ha!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 2, 2004.