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Atra waxes theatrickal

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Atra waxes theatrickal
Jake: That was an impressive cackle. / Atra: So funny!
[[Atra resumes her old-woman illusion.]] / Atra: So that old demoness thought she'd scare me off by plunging me back into my past, huh?
Atra: Well, Wythllew, I've got news for you! My past is your past! You thought you had blocked those memories from my mind? They've all come back now!
Atra: All faeries must pass through the Grimborg to be given back their magic! And you never did! You weren't allowed to! / Jake: Is that correct? / Ottar: Aye.
Atra: Instead, you found your own way! You used the Ancestor's Bone in an illegal working to free yourself! But it damaged you, didn't it? You seem so powerful to us...
Atra: ...But your defenses are pitiful! You are weak! WEAK!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 4, 2004.