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Flunky say, flunky do

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Flunky say, flunky do
[[Outside the Palace of Unity, the Parliament of the Gnomian Republic. P'séaigg speaks off-panel.]] / P'séaigg: Human size, please.
[[Abúi and P'séaigg grow to human size.]] / Abúi: I hate going human-sized! / P'séaigg: Hrm.
P'séaigg: It has its advantages. Being taller than any gnome is one of them. / Abúi: Yeah, but...
Abúi: ...At this size, everyone here can see I've got no paint on.
[[Maghreid's secretary speaks off-panel.]] / Secretary: Luckily, that problem will not arise.
[[Maghreid's secretary carries items of clothing with him.]] / Secretary: The lady Maghreid sent me to bring you these. She insists that I do not allow you in until you have put them on.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on February 11, 2004