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P'séaigg: So, how's our human? / Maghreid: See for yourself.
Maghreid: Neither of them has spoken much so far, although that sack has made some interesting noises.
Maghreid: Mr. Davignon, are you ready for your debriefing?
[[Three faeries from the ULF are watching Maghreid's company as they enter the room where Jodoque, Eniac and the Green Knight are. One of them is Feiht.]] / First ULF man: They've gone in! Go!
[[Maghreid is speaking from within the room.]] / Maghreid: Yes, I know you're still very tired...
[[Behind Maghreid, Feiht is opening a bag of something.]] / Maghreid: ...But you also know that this is important. I'll keep it short... Have you got the affidavit?
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Author Notes:

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Reinder Dijkhuis
Author's note: The character with the blue wings is Feiht from Chasing the Sunset.

Originally published on February 16, 2004.