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Guilt trip

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Guilt trip
[[Norla and Atra jointly aim a fireball at Wythllew, and hit.]] / Wythllew: AAAGH! / <<FLOOM!>>
[[Wythllew collapses.]] / Wythllew: Thou hast sored me!
[[Norla, Atra and Ottar look up at the fallen faerie.]] / Norla: Y'know... did we really have to do that?
Atra: I suppose it was unprovoked... / Ottar: She seemed but a shade of her erstsome selfness.
[[As Atra, Norla and Ottar ponder, they are approached by Wythllew's warriors.]] / Atra: Maybe she would have listened to reason? / Norla: We could still try. Uh, Wythllew? / Arthur: Guys?
[[The warriors bear down on Atra, Norla and Ottar.]] / Arthur: You've been had.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 3, 2004.