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It's hilahaha-hilahaha- harrowing.

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It's hilahaha-hilahaha- harrowing.
[[Jodoque is speaking off-panel.]] / Jodoque: Affidavit? We never really got around to discussing that...
[[Jodoque opens his bag, showing the Green Knight's head.]] / Jodoque: ....But no worries! He'll be able to testify in person! / Green Knight: Grrrr...
Maghreid: You've brought his severed head? I'd never have thought you had it in you! / Abúi: Sniff sniff...
[[Abúi sneaks off to investigate a scent she has picked up.]] / Maghreid: H-how did this ha-happen? / Jodoque: It's a -heh- long and ha-ha-harrowing story...
[[Abúi is the only one who hasn't started laughing.]] / Jodoque: He -hehehe- challenged me to a du-hu-hel... / Maghreid/P'Séigg: Hehe
Jodoque: Ihihit ihis sooo grue-hu-hue-some! ha ha ha! / Abúi: Shush! We're under attack!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on March 5, 2004.