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Feiht reveals her motivation

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Feiht reveals her motivation
Feiht: It seemed like a good idea at the time? / / [[Feiht is speaking from off-panel.]] / Abúi: Eh? / Feiht: I met this man, you see...
[[Feiht narrates. The panel shows her narration.]] / Feiht: ...and he said I looked lonely and bored. / Male Faerie: Would you like to play a joke on our friends in that big building over there? / Feiht: Okay! / / Abúi: And you didn't ask why- / Feiht: Are you kidding? Since when do you need reasons for pranks? / / [[Feiht is speaking from off-panel.]] / Abúi: Hmmm. Got a point there. Did this man tell you his name? / Feiht: Oh yes! It's "Ulf"!
Abúi: "Ulf"? / Feiht: Yeah! He even spelled it out for me! U-L-F!
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Author Notes:

Reinder Dijkhuis 19th Jan 2015, 4:08 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Thanks to Mithandir for help with Feiht's dialogue (not to mention, again, the loan of his character).

Originally published on March 12, 2004.