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All look same

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All look same
[[Many small panels showing the green faerie Hywel's boss's response to Isolde's questioning. The dialogue runs alongside the panels.
Boss: What's this? Another inspection?
Hywel: No, ma'am. / / Boss: Sir!
Hywel: No, sir. Sorry. I try. Honestly, I just can't get the hang of telling-
Boss: Look. Facial hair. Gnomian women shave it off. / / Hywel: Yes sir. Sorry. / / Isolde: What were you saying about inspections?
Boss: You a lawyer? We don't like lawyers here!
BossSo we won't tell you how the justice department has been harrassing us with daily inspections since that business with that faerie girl three days ago. Rooting through our records and looking over our shoulders...
Hywel: Sir!
Isolde: I suppose you won't be drawn into speculation about the motives behind this-
Boss: No, and I shan't repeat the malicious rumours about someone in the Justice Department feeling the heat resulting from his past performance as Guardian of the Shrine! / / Hywel: Sir!
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Author Notes:

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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 10, 2004.