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Travel arrangements

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Travel arrangements
[[Many panels, showing Norla and Ottar tying Wythllew up in preparation for their return to the Gnomian Republic, and leaving. The dialogue runs alongside the panels.]]
Norla: Rrright. This should keep her secure for the ride.
Norla:... I hope I can remember where I landed. I flew right into Krakatoa's trap. / / Ottar: Mind it not! I wot the stead. / / Norla: You do?
Ottar: Aye. I helped Kra on-set that snare.
Ottar:... Sorry...Uh... she fore-told me 'twas for to catch birds.
Norla: Nevermind! Let's go! / / Atra: Now, Jake, tell me honestly...
Jake: Hmmm? / / Atra: Cutting down that tree was the bird's idea, wasn't it? / / Jake: Hmmm?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 12, 2004.