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Offers and footnotes

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Offers and footnotes
[[Many small panels showing the conversation between P'Séaigg and Maghreid. The dialogue runs alongside the panels.]] / P'Séaigg: I was going to tell you! Abúi brought the girl up to date on the changes since she left, and told her about the FHP(*) and Sinn Fae, and this young lady just went "where do i sign up?" So none of that pretense was necessary in the first place! She's all for secession as long as the High Elves get to seceed as well. She'll even put in a word to her father that we can help his people get their / sovereignty back from-
Maghreid: "Sovereignty" ~Snort!~
P'Séaigg: What?
Maghreid: I was just reminiscing with Mister Melon here, about the days of the Kingdoms. I'm sure Lord Vax and his little girl would love to bring them back... each tribe in its own little state... and all of them at one another's throats! With a king at the top-
P'Séaigg: That could be you, by the way.
Footnote: FHP: Funny Hat Party, remember?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 17, 2004.