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Isolde keeps up the good work

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Isolde keeps up the good work
[[Many small panels in which a retired Fire Elf guard tells Isolde of her time as a Guard at the Shrine of the Ancestor. Scenes from her account are shown: the theft of one of the Ancestral Bones by what appears to be a Douard. Isolde drinks tea. The dialogue runs alongside the panels.]]
Fire Elf: This drink used to be popular among my people. Of course, we always kept a flame under it...Yes, I remember the robbery well.
Fire Elf: Suddenly this Douard turned up in front of this, with only me and my colleague Phlaham on duty. / I still don't know why, but just seeing it made us go weak at the knees. When it commanded us, we could not disobey. I think I even helped it take the bone out of its glass case.
Fire Elf: The shrinekeeper was livid! He sacked us both on the spot! We expected to get procecuted, to be scapegoats, but strangely, nothing happened. Is that tea giving you trouble? / / [[Maghreid appears in the fumes rising from the tea.]] / Maghreid: Isolde!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 24, 2004.