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Suddenly, things are not going well

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Suddenly, things are not going well
[[Jodoque is awoken by Maghreid speaking off-panel.]] / Maghreid: Hrm! / Jodoque: Glub!
[[Maghreid is standing in a cloud of smoke.]] / Maghreid: Where is Abúi? / Eniac: Off to see a tattoo artist.
/ [[Eniac is speaking from off-panel. Maghreid rolls her eyes.]] / Eniac: What's that coming out of your room? Has there been a fire or something?
Maghreid: I just heard that Norla's come back with Ottar and Wythllew, but they've been arrested in the transport room. I've already contacted Isolde.
Maghreid: P'séaigg, do me a favour and call Abúi, will you? I'll bet this is about those powder traces.
Maghreid: Don't look at me like that! Do it!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on May 25, 2004.