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Ottar defuses the situation

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Ottar defuses the situation
[[Ottar is speaking off-panel. Kangra looks towards Ottar.]] / Ottar: Thou art Kangra, Norla's sister? / Kangra: Wh? / / Kangra: Oh yeah... you must be Ottar. Pleased to meet you. Is that your real colour?
[[Ottar and Kangra shake hands.]] / Ottar: Aye. I have not yet through-passed the Grimborg, thus I cannot for-switch it. / Kangra: It suits you!
[[Ottar is speaking off-panel.]] / Ottar: Thy sister Norla is a great friend, as is my lady Kel. / / [[Kangar is charmed.]]
Kangra: I'm sure we'll get along as well... / Kel [[Thought]]: Charmer!
Kel: Ottar, are Jodoque and the others coming? / Ottar: Aye, in a bit!
Kel: Is my mother with them? Have you seen her? / Ottar: ...Nay.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 11, 2004.