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Isolde sums up the work of the past

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Isolde sums up the work of the past
[[In the Dyrtforrabyggern. Norla, Abúi and P'Séaigg have joined Kel, Kangra and Ottar, as have Isolde and Jodoque. Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Abúi is scratching an itch.]] / Isolde: In short, I believe that the testimony of the, uh, Green Knight's head will exonerate Mrs. Davignon.
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Norla is leaning against the artificial tree.]] / Isolde: You will also be pleased to hear, by the way...
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. P'Séaigg is sitting on a branch of the artificial tree.]] / Isolde: ...that although the Green Knight's breach of the trust placed in him is not covered by Gnomian law...
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Kangra is listening carefully.]] / Isolde: ...we will be able to hold him indefinitely because, his body being still at large, he is also not covered by Gnomian habeas corpus rules.
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Kel is listening carefully, but Jodoque is trying to attract her attention.]] / Isolde: Now... the fae Wythllew is undergoing a mental examination to see if she's fit to testify.
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Jodoque is trying to kiss Kel, who is brushing him off.]] / Isolde: I am working to uncover links between the theft of the bone and a high-ranking government official... / / Isolde: In all... We're doing really well.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 14, 2004.