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Points of order

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Points of order
[[A court harpist strikes a chord.]] / <<Ploink! >>
[[Fuddeagh, Dódr and D'Owd walk out of one of the tents.]]
Norla: I see we haven't got far harmonising the old legal titles... / P'Séaigg: I see the head judge is a gnome...
Dódr: Sitt. Please be seated.
Dódr: We will start with some procedural matters. First, I propose...
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panel. Kel, Isolde, Kangra and Ottar listen.]] / Dódr: ...that we hold the hearing in Clwydian, which all concerned speak to some degree. We will have Gnomian and Fae-Gaelic interpreters if anyone asks for them.
Dódr: Second, I suggest that, to accommodate the mix of species, we maintain a relaxed dress code. That also means hairsplitter Fuddeaigh can show off his legislative patterns.
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panels. Among the audience, one faerie wearing a red hood hiding her face approaches another faerie.]] / Dódr: Now, we are here today to hear the Republic versus Kel Davignon and Kangra Rotskivvensdottir...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 18, 2004.