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Points of order, continued

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Points of order, continued
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panel. Kel and Kangra raise their hands.]] / Dódr: Did i pronounce those right? Which one of you is Kel- aha. And Kangra- very well...
Dódr: You will be allowed to assume a larger size if you wish. That also applies to citizens in the audience.
[[D&oacure;dr is speaking from off-panel. Kangra is now larger.]] / Dódr: I hear that some of the witnesses are initiates? Hairsplitter Fuddeaigh will lift the Rune of Containment if you wish. You... no? Very well...
[[D&oacure;dr is speaking from off-panel. Isolde motions the enlarged Kangra to get off the table and on a chair.]] / Dódr: At the request of counsel for the defense, we have agreed to hear your cases jointly, as the events under consideration are closely connected. Counsel for the prosecution has no objections. / Isolde: Pst! Chair! / / Dódr: Right... Kel Mansdottir Davignon, you stand accused...
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panel. Isolde is angry at what she hears.]] / Dódr: ... of complicity after the fact in a sacrilegious act, of reckless abandonment of your ritual duties... and the practice of magic in defiance of civil bonds. What do you plead? / Isolde: Hey!
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Originally published on June 21, 2004.