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Isolde clashes with her esteemed opponent

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Isolde clashes with her esteemed opponent
Kel: Not gui- / Isolde: Hold it. Hold it.
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Dódr and D'Owd look at her sternly.]] / Isolde: Your venerablenesses! That last charge was not in the charge sheet I got two days ago!
[[Fafnir, the lawyer for the prosecution, retorts. Next to him stands Wythllew, in the court as a witness, gloating.]] / Fafnir: Your venerablenesses, my esteemed colleague should pay better attention. I sent a late revision last night!
Dódr: Will the counsels for the prosecution and the defense please come forward?
Dódr:Did you notify your colleague of the change? / Fafnir: Yes, your venerableness! By racing goblin, no less! It's not my fault if my opponent can't be bothered to- / Isolde: He was late! I demand that you declare a mistrial and let my clients go!
[[Dódr is speaking from off-panel. The Eye of Justice, in the corroded copper hand of the statue, looks on.]] / Dódr: I don't think I shall do that, but I will scrap that charge unless I hear a very good reason not to.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on June 23, 2004.