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Kangra's indictment

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Kangra's indictment
[[Fafnir's opening statement continues.]] / Fafnir: When the other defendant, Kangra Rotskivvensdottir, heard of her sister's first crime, she decided to cover for her!
[[Fafnir's reconstruction of events is shown in a flat-coloured art style with fixed-width lines, as if it was drawn in a vector program.]] / Fafnir: She signed up with the Office of Rites to do her sister's full year of service in her place.
Fafnir: Some citizens will argue that this was just a good Fae prank - that a year's extra service shows dedication, even...
Fafnir: But what a coincidence that she'd do just what was needed to cover for her sister's illegal restoration of her magical powers!
Fafnir: The court will hear how the defendants conspired to erase the traces of the main defendant's crimes. I cede the floor.
Fuddeaigh: The defense... / Isolde: Ahem...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 2, 2004.