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Isolde: Your venerablenessess, the prosecution is trying to connect dots that just aren't there! The case against my client is a load of old cobblers'! / Kangra: Zing! Kapa-pow!
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Daoibleagh walks along the aisles of the audience brandishing his tray of foodstuffs.]] / Isolde: The defense will establish beyond doubt that the prosecution's story simply doesn't make sense! / Daoibleagh: Snacks! Get'em fresh! / Abúi: Ooh!
[[Isolde narrates. Abúi and Daoibleagh are speaking from off-panel.]] / Isolde: We will also remind the court of the characters of the defendents, decorated veterans of the first Contention War. / Abúi: I'll have, uh... one of these! / Daoibleagh: Okay. / / [[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Daoibleagh swats the item that Abúi just selected from his tray with a fly-swatter.]] / Isolde: And most importantly, we will offer alternate, more plausible explanations for every single one of the defendants' actions. / <<SWAT!>>
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel. Daoibleagh walks off, leaving Abúi puzzled over the flat green item she has just bought.]] / Isolde: Uhm... that's it, your venerablenesses. I cede the floor. / Daoibleagh: Snacks! Fresh as a very fresh thing!
[[The Page is speaking from off-panel.]] / Dódr: Call the first witness for the prosecution: Hywell Bastardsson! / Page: Hywell Bastardsson!
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Originally published on July 5, 2004.