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Son of a Bastard!

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Son of a Bastard!
[[The harpist strikes a chord. Hywell Bastardsson appears.]] / <<Sproing!>>
[[Fuddeaigh shows Hywell a hand full of fossilized teeth.]] / Fuddeaigh: Hywell Bastardsson, these are teeth of the Ancestor.
Fuddeaigh: Do you swear not to lie through the Ancestor's teeth? / / [[Hywell puts his hand on the teeth.]] / Hywell: I shall not lie through the Ancestor's teeth.
Fafnir: Mister...Bastardsson, what is your occupation?
[[Hywell speaks off-panel. Kel looks at Kangra twirling her hair and staring at him with a blush on her face.]] / Hywell: I am an initiate at the Capital branch of the Office of Rites.
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Author Notes:

Reinder Dijkhuis 3rd Mar 2015, 4:30 AM edit delete
Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 7, 2004.