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Fading In And Out

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Fading In And Out
Fafnir: Objection! She's asking the witness to speculate! / Isolde: No further questions... / / [[Fafnir interrogates the captain of the Office of Rite's Enforcers.]] / Fafnir: Did the defendant - Kel Mansdottir Davignon - resist arrest?
Captain: Yes, quite vehemently. She threatened us with an iron medaillon. of course, we made short work of that. / Fafnir: Did She have the bone on her person? / Captain: Yes.
Isolde: How many people were in the arrest team? / Captain: About twenty...
Isolde: Twenty armed gnomes to arrest a slightly-built woman? And you're surprised that she panics and resists? / Captain: Uh... / Isolde: No further questions!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 12, 2004.