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Fafnir's gambit

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Fafnir's gambit
[[Isolde continues questioning Clampfoot from off-panel.]] / Isolde: So, how likely is it that the bone would have been stolen without anything being noticed and recorded? / Clampfoot: Well, a thief wouldn't leave a receipt, would she?
[[Clampfoot is speaking from off-panel. Kangra daydreams of Hywell.]] / Clampfoot: I'd be curious about how she'd get past the walls, the guards and the iron cases, but no doubt it can be done. / Kel: So "A thief" is now a she?
[[Fafnir questions a paleontologist from off-panel. The paleontologist is also heckled from off-panel.]] / Fafnir: You tested the bone's authenticity? / Paleontologist: Aye. 'Twere authentic. A thousand thousand years old, and from Ancestor's cave. A femur from a female an- / Heckler: The Ancestor! / Person Next To Heckler: Sssh!
Fafnir: No further questions, your venerablenesses. / Isolde: No questions.
[[A Page whispers in Fafnir's ear.]]
Fafnir: Your venerablenesses, there's been a bit of a delay in securing our last witness. I request an adjournment.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 16, 2004.