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Deliberation and Drinks

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Deliberation and Drinks
Isolde: We don't have time! My client has a young daughter to go home to! / / Dódr: The court will adjourn for half an hour to deliberate. And drink.
Kel: At last,a break. / Kangra: I'll fetch us some drinks!
[[Isolde is speaking from off-panel.]] / Isolde: Damn! Damn! Damn! / Kel: ?
Kel: What? / Isolde: I fell for that one like a rookie!
Fafnir: The court will refuse Fafnir's request but allow him to present his mystery witness later. He gets to save the best for last, as a favour to us!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 19, 2004.