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Ottar's testimony begins

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Ottar's testimony begins
[[Ottar takes the oath.]] / Ottar: I shall not lie through the Ancestor's teeth.
[[Ottar speaks from off-panel.]] / Isolde: Ottar... You were brought from Wodeskog to Clwyd-rhan to serve the Fae w- / Ottar: Nay!
Ottar:I was brought in by Wythllew to serve my Serfdomrite with the Corby Kin.
[[Ottar speaks from off-panel.]] / Isolde: I see... Did you have a great deal of contact with Wythllew? / Ottar: Aye.
[[Ottar narrates. Mags Corby and Wythllew pin a voodoo doll representing Kel.]] / Ottar: Wythllew was working with the Corbies to waste and harrass my lady Kel and her friend the witch Atra. / / Isolde: Did you take orders from her? / Ottar: Aye.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on July 26, 2004.