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The direst phrase

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The direst phrase
Isolde: What sort of person was Wythllew to work with? / Ottar: She seemed kind e-nowe to me as a bloodful fae. But she was hatesome to my lady Kel and the witch.
[[Isolde and Ottar are speaking off-panel. Fafnir is taking notes.]] / Isolde: Hate...some? how? / Ottar: Calling my lady names... Onsetting traps for the witch....
[[Ottar narrates. Wythllew and Ottar are shown leaving behind a presumably orgiastic voodoo ritual targeted at Kel.]] / Ottar: The Corbies were feuding gainst the witch. Wythllew, everhow, was after my lady Kel. / Isolde: Why? / / [[Ottar is speaking off-panel. P'Séaigg listens attentively. Norla looks at Abúi, who is uncomfortable with what she hears.]] / Ottar: For what she is, a half-breed. Wythllew thought half humans had no right for to live.
[[Isolde is speaking off-panel. Behind the banner-wielding faeries, Maghreid is talking to the Grimborgsman.]] / Isolde: Your venerablenesses, I will leave the floor to my opponent. However, I may wish to question the witness again later.
[[Fafnir shuffles through his notes.]] / Fafnir: Initiate Ottar... I do not understand.
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Originally published on July 30, 2004.