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Wheels falling off

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Wheels falling off
Fafnir: On the contrary, your venerablenesses. The witness is here to defend someone accused of reckless abandonment and disloyalty. When he himself is lacking in loyalty, how can we trust- / / Ottar: I sware an oath!
Fafnir: - The trustworthiness of which is now itself in doubt for the same reason.
[[Fafnir is speaking off-panel.]] / Ottar: Wythllew was using me for to out-fight a feud with- / Fafnir: Wythllew was not your mistress!
Fafnir: The Corbies were! did you abandon them over their choice of friends? / Norla: Oh! that bastard! / Abúi: Boo! / Audience Member: Gasp!
Kel: This isn't- this can't be right. Ottar is the most faithful person I know. / Isolde: Groan
Ottar: I couldn't- I - / Fafnir [[coldly]]: I think I've heard enough. Your witness.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 4, 2004.