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The filth and the screaming

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The filth and the screaming
Isolde: And then you went on to serve Kel's family. Is that an easy task? / Ottar: Nay. My lady Kel is kind...
[[Ottar speaks off-panel.]] / Ottar: ...But the stead is crowded, with two babes. There is ever filth and screaming. / Kel: Hey! Fay never screams! / Kangra: Suuure she doesn't.
Ottar: I toil day and night, baking, sewing... / Dódr: Sounds like a normal term to me.
Dódr: When I was a lad, I'd walk ten miles through the burning snow, to cart my master's anvils from his anvil factory to his little anvil shop in the mountains. And I'd mine for raw materials at night. / Fuddeaigh: You had a cart?
Isolde: Hmmm... Ottar, does your mistress' baby scream a lot?
[[Ottar, Kel and Kangra speak off-panel. Fafnir's curiosity is piqued.]] / Ottar: Aye. / Kel: She does not! / Kangra: Sssh! / Fafnir: ?
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 9, 2004.