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Shrugging and preaching

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Shrugging and preaching
Ottar: Milady, forgive me. She does, when you are not there.
[[Kel is genuinely surprised.]] / Kel: He does? Really? I didn't know that. / / Isolde: Hurts, doesn't it? / Ottar: Aye. / Isolde: You don't want to shatter her illusions. Why bother her with a truth she doesn't wish to hear?
[[Ottar stares at Isolde, waiting for her to continue talking.]]
Isolde: Well? / Ottar: Uhm... was that a real question? The better to serve, of course.
Isolde: No further questions, your venerablenesses. I wish to call the individual known as the Green Knight.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 11, 2004.