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Consternation over a severed head

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Consternation over a severed head
[The Green Knight's head in a jar is placed on the judges' desk. Dódr is surprised. The harpist strikes a chord off-panel.]] / <<Plonk! >> / <<Sproing!>> / / Dódr: What in the Ancestor's name is this, Shieldbiter? Are we to cross-examine a severed head?
[[Dódr and Isolde argue off-panel.]] / Dódr: This is an outrage! You'll hear from this at the Lawyers' Guild, I tell you! / Isolde: Your Venerableness, please calm down! This head does have valid testimony to offer! / Grimborgsman: Ha! They've actually done it! And properly this time! / Maghreid: Sssh!
Maghreid: Remember your office! You can't be seen to bear grudges in public!
Grimborgsman: Bah. Bastard damned near cut my- Oh well. Can i buy you a drink? / Fuddeagh: There are precedents. When I was a trial lawyer, the Unseely Court cross-examined a Douard's severed head. Of course, it didn't answer back.
[[Fuddeagh narrates. A faerie judge is shown giving a yellow card to a severed Douard head.]] / Dódr: what happened? / Fuddeagh: Hairsplitter Fogeidh cited it for contempt of court.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 13, 2004.