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Huh huh huh

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Huh huh huh
[[Isolde is speaking off-panel.]] / Isolde: Did she? Or did you, as the defendant will undoubtedly tell us, use an enchantment to prevent her from leaving?
[[Isolde waits for the answer, as do Kel and Kangra's supporters in the audience.]]
[[The Green Knight speaks off-panel.]] / Green Knight (off-panel): ... I used an enchantment.
Isolde: So to be clear...did she qualify for the Grimborg at the time?
[[The Green Knight speaks off-panel.]] / Green Knight: How should I know? / / Isolde: How long after that did she stay on as your servant? / / Green Knight: Two years? Three? I don't remember.
Dódr: You'd forget your own head if it wasn't nailed on, eh? / Fuddeaigh: Huh huh huh!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 20, 2004.