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Fafnir: This enchantment... what was it?
[[The Green Knight narrates. Shown: Kel, naked except for her hat, is admiring a dress laid out for her on the castle floor.]] / Green Knight: It was a dress... a good one, with iron thread in it.
Fafnir: A dress... Did she wear it throughout her stay with you?
[[The Green Knight narrates. Shown: Kel, naked again but shyer than before. The area covered by the dress is a meshwork of scratches.]] / Green Knight: No. After a few weeks, I let her take it off.
Fafnir: How long after that did she stay on as your servant?
Green Knight: If she wished. At that point, she didn't seem to wish. / / Fafnir: What was her life like after that? / / [[The Green Knight Narrates. Shown: The Green Knight showing Kel the spell controlling the chopping block.]] / Green Knight: She served me as before, only she didn't have to hide, and was clothed and fed. And I taught her some of my magic.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 23, 2004.