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Tattoos! Get'em while you're drunk!

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Tattoos! Get'em while you're drunk!
[[Fafnir and the Green Knight are speaking off-panel. Kel is angered by what she hears.]] / Fafnir: Did you ever make any attempt to stop her from leaving? / Green Knight: No.
[[Fafnir is speaking off-panel.]] / Fafnir: No further questions, your venerablenesses. / Isolde: I will have to question you about this. / Kel: Go ahead. / / [[Dódr adjourns the court with a stroke of his hammer.]] / Dódr: Lunch! And booze. / <<Whack!>>
[[As the participants and the audience drama take their drinks and mingle, Brakeburn the painter is hawking his wares. In the background, a Gnome in orange is talking and sharing a beer with a naked faerie, the Blonde Female Faerie Activist.]] / Brakeburn: Skin paint! tattoos! Patterns! Get'em while they're- Uh...
Brakeburn: Sidhe Maghreid! Can I interest you in some- / Maghreid: Not now, Brakeburn. / Grimborgsman: Hmm... You know, I may want some. What have you got for the face? / Brakeburn: Let me show you some samples.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 25, 2004.