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Wythllew to the fore

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Wythllew to the fore
[[Isolde is speaking off-panel. The Statue of Justice is shown, with her cormorant, her sieve and her eye.]] / Isolde: Please call... Wythllew of Wodeskog! / / [[Fafnir is speaking off-panel.]] / <b>Fafnir</b>: Objection! Is she even fit to testify?
Isolde: She's been at your table all morning. Wouldn't you know?
Fafnir: Testifying is a bit more strenuous than standing at a table.
Dowd: Test results say she's able to remember and account for herself. / Dódr: Swear her in! / / Isolde: Until a week or so ago, did you have the Ancestor's Bone? / Wythllew: Aye. / / [[Isolde is speaking off-panel. In the audience, the Sinn Fae activists are puzzled by her appearance.]] / Isolde: Can you identify the person who took it from you? / Blonde Female Faerie Activist: I never thought she of all people would wear clothes! / Dark-Skinned Male Faerie Activist: There's no law against it...
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on August 27, 2004.