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Mud, and an important question

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Mud, and an important question
Dódr: Mister Shieldbiter, I won't have you use this testimony to throw mud at another witness!
[[Dódr is speaking off-panel.]] / Dódr: It has been shown that young Ottar did not owe her any loyalty. Now, if you have anything else that you want light to be shed on, proceed. / Fafnir: Grmbl.
Dódr: By the way, am I the only one who thinks the placement of the witness box needs re-thinking? No offense, ma'am, but I'd like to talk to a face sometime.
Fafnir: One more question. Did you ever see the defendant practice magic?
[[Fafnir is speaking from off-panel.]] / Wythllew: Oh aye! Someway she learned weak man-like magery. / Fafnir: Sorry...
[[Fafnir is speaking from off-panel. P'Séaigg, Norla and Abúi look on, along with the activists.]] / Fafnir: I meant natural magic. The kind that faeries are born with.
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 3, 2004.