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Not much of a strategic thinker

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Not much of a strategic thinker
Wythllew: Aye. I have seen her do that. / Fafnir: What exactly did you see her do?
[[Wythllew narrates: Shown: Wythllew fights Kel who is just changing into her plant form.]] / Wythllew: Formforothering into weedy plant life. / Fafnir: Couldn't that have been an illusion?
[[Wythllew narrates.]] / Wythllew: Nay! I was nigh throttled by the weeds!
[[Kangra whispers in Isolde's ear.]] / Kel: She's lying! Go on, object! / Isolde: Ssh! Just a moment!
Isolde: Is that true? Why didn't you tell me earlier? / Kangra: I'm just not much of a strategic thinker. / / Isolde: Wait. Your Venerablenesses!
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Reinder Dijkhuis
Originally published on September 6, 2004.